App Store Optimization (AOS) Complete Service

Ebusinesssubmit app store optimization is a full service starting from $50 monthly fees per app. App store optimization is more like search engine optimization for Apps. Its improves rankings in an App store by creating links on off-site. Initiate your app store optimization today! Contact US

Key Areas of ASO:

  • Select keywords
  • Content optimization (on-site)
  • Analyze ratings, reviews and links (off-site)
  • Increase organic downloads

Content Optimization:

On-site content optimization play a key role in app store success. How you choose keywords and define your app sets up search visibility and ranking. Ebusinesssubmit has been in the ASO business since 2009. We have extensive knowledge and experience on app store optimization than anyone else. Join us today to make your app store rise up!

KPIs for Content Optimization:

  • Keywords
  • Category
  • Publisher Name
  • Title
  • Description
  • Icon
  • Screenshots

Key Factors App Store Optimization:

App Store is 100 times better user acquisition platform. Improving search ranking within app store can earn you superior users. Key Areas of ASO that Ebusinesssubmit focuses on:

App Title

Your app title directs user in a few minutes what your app is all about. This is the most crucial point of ASO; if your user cannot understand by reading title, they will left. You are allowed to use 255 characters for your apps title. Use space properly to explains to the user what is all about. Title with full of keyword stuffed and that do not make sense turn users off.

App Keywords

You are given 100 characters to use for your apps keywords. Choosing the righest keywords requires full understanding of your competitors, search phrases and market. We use inside the app store data to help select keywords. Do not use keywords that are irrelevant. Google keyword planner are the best keyword research tool make sure they use Google web search data.

Reviews and Ratings

Ratings and reviews are very important to ASO. If your app has done proper on-site optimization, we figure that 40% of your app store search rankings is based on this key factor. Ebusinesssubmit will examine your reviews and leverage them to boost your app search rankings.

App Description

Obtaining a user to check your description is like obtaining a user to click your website. At this level users are inquiring and are thinking if they should download your app. This is very important optimization factor. You will require to use this field to sell your app on all its key features. Use your app description to explain what your app is all about.

App Logo

You will have nearly 5-10 seconds to catch a user interest as they go by the list of apps that are seeking for. Make sure you express creatively what your app is all about via App logo. This is most crucial factor.

App Screenshots

You will require to use app screenshots that distinctly highlights your apps best features. Make sure to use correct space for screenshots with several images. Add some call to action text if needed. Remember, people judge a store by what is demostrated in the windows.

App Publisher Name

Users can search on app store by publisher name. you can use this to add in keyword to the app you are making. For example “Xp Action Games”

App Category

Which category does your app match in? Both primary and secondary category is a crucial decision to the success of your app. The best category will get you next to your qualified users. While the incorrect category outcome in dull for your app.

There are so many key factors to look at when optimizing app. You could invest all your precious time to optimize app every month but missing one key factor could cost you much. Let us do this work for you. We take complete service approach and experience to make your app store optimization fortunate. Initiate your app store optimization service today!

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