Advanced Google Analytics Goals and Tracking Setup

Does your website traffic warrant leads and sales?

Which type of visitors are convincing?

Which is the most productive marketing channels or campaigns?

Not so sure? Placing Google analytics with the correct configuration will drop more light and hence better conversions

Incorporating Google analytics on a website is easy as adding a patch of tracking code. But to acquire in-depth insights, it has to be setup with funnels, ecommerce tracking, goals, and dashboard. Ebusinesssubmit Google analytics specialist will take care of GA process and interpret your business.

Setting Up Goals

Our Google analytics specialist will examine your website and have a elaborated discussion to interpret your business goals. We describe the wanted actions and evaluate of those actions executed by a visitor. The list of goals looks on the type of the business which may added the following

  • Membership Sign Up
  • Contact Form
  • Request Quote
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Social Media Likes/Shares
  • Watching a Video
  • Placing an order

Ecommerce Funnel Setup and Tracking

Ecommerce tracking in analytics is highly recommended reporting tool that not only brings you data about the bought products but also gives you with actionable insights on how to boost your sales.

A goal funnel provides in-depth visualization on the various steps visitors demands to experience in order to attain a goal. The real process initially structured by the goal funnels assist to describe the weak and strong areas where a visitor executes the wanted action. This assists you to decide if the user is devolving on the way to your wanted action on your website which can be determined to boost your revenue and conversion rate.

Custom Dashboards For Effective Leads Tracking

After establish all codes, there is an easy way to track the leads effectively. Have purposeful dashboards will be made for your website based on the grandness of executed actions, with tables and charts.

Advanced Google Analytics Packages

  • Google Analytics Goals Setup
  • Ecommerce Goals Tracking Setup
  • Free Detailed Report
  • Project Duration
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  • Discounted Price
  • Advanced

  • Yes
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  • 10 Days
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